The Space

Constructed in the early 1900s, the Washington High School Building is a neighborhood landmark with a storied history. The four-story brick building features a unique collection of architectural details, including Doric columns, terra cotta friezes, and inspirational inscriptions.

The school was closed in 1981 and served various administrative purposes until work began in 2011 to revitalize the building as a multi-purpose space. The revitalization project focused on preserving the building’s historical integrity, restoring the exterior façade, and giving new life to the building’s interior core.

Buckman Public House occupies what was once the science lab and boiler room of the old Washington High School. As we built out the restaurant, we worked to create an interior design that would preserve the heritage and history of the building while presenting a clean and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy. Our space was designed by Mark Annen, a local architect known for his work on iconic Portland restaurants like Pok Pok, Boke Bowl, Sizzle Pie, The Country Cat and more.

Dining Room at Buckman Public House
Buckman Public House Bar
Bar and Restaurant at Buckman Public House
Dining Room at Buckman Public House
Silverware at Buckman Public House
Buckman Public House Dinning Room
Bar at Buckman Public House
Plates at Buckman Public House